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Wuhan Institute of Virology denies patient zero of COVID-19 came from institute

The Wuhan Institute of Virology on Sunday denied rumors claiming that the first person to contract novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19), or patient zero of the COVID-19 came from the institute.

Huang Yanling, who received a master's degree from the institute in 2015, moved to work and live elsewhere after her graduation and has not been back to Wuhan since. She has never been infected by the virus and is in healthy condition, according to a statement the Wuhan Institute of Virology released on its website on Sunday.

The statement came after claims circulated on the internet on Saturday saying Huang was the patient zero of the novel coronavirus.

At a crucial time fighting against the epidemic, this rumor has greatly disrupted the institute's research work, the institute said in the statement.

Wei Hongping, a research fellow at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and mentor of Huang, posted on his WeChat Moments that he recently called Huang and confirmed Huang was in good heath, the National Business Daily reported on Sunday.


Кратко - Уханьский институт вирусологии отрицает, что нулевой пациент был их сотрудником. Ни одного больного среди сотрудников нет. Слухи подорвали их работу.
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