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По наводке из ссылкообзора dok_zlo (http://dok-zlo.livejournal.com/2008812.html) обнаружено совершенно прекрасное.
Коллега, спасибо за наводку. Как-то этот сайт мимо меня прошел.

One of the most useful outcomes of the study was an ‘average cost per positive patient per outbreak day’. Although the Serratia sp. outbreak was the most expensive overall, the two separate ESBL-producing K. pneumoniae outbreaks were the most expensive on a per day basis. So, if they had gone on for much longer, they would have quickly overtaken the Serratia sp. outbreak as the most expensive overall. Interesting to note that neither of the K. pneumoniae outbreaks were in the ICU, so the bed closures would have been even more costly in this setting. Having a cost per patient per outbreak day is handy, and allows easy comparision with your outbreak. Pick the most comparable pathogen / setting combination, and count how many outbreak days you have to get to a reasonable estimate of the outbreak cost.

Figure: Average cost per positive patient per outbreak day of 7 HCAI outbreaks.

Полностью читать тут - https://reflectionsipc.com/2016/05/19/counting-the-cost-of-hcai-outbreaks/

Что собственно подтверждает то, что я постоянно вижу. Клебсиелльная вспышка самая дорогая. Даже по цифрам было сопоставимо, пока доллар 35 р стоил. Сейчас просто выживаем на старых запасах, поэтому не уехали в большие расходы.
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