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Про фосфомицин глазами бактериолога

Perfumed antibiotics and sachet-induced evolution: fosfomycin testing in the clinical laboratory

Not too long ago, I received an interesting text from one of our UCLA postdoctoral fellows, Sukantha Chandrasekarian.

“I just talked to Dr. X. He claimed I was inhibiting patient care by not reporting fosfomycin for his patient’s P. aeruginosa. I explained we don’t have breakpoints or test methods for that organism and drug, to which he responded we should just do the disk diffusion test, and report the zone. Help!”

In her words, the conversation was a special experience. It’s not hard to imagine the frustration on both sides of this case – the clinician who has few treatment options for his patient’s UTI, and would like a cheap, effective, oral antimicrobial to discharge his patient on, and the laboratory, who would have to venture into a data-penic realm to perform testing for the isolate. I’ve had several labs email to ask advice on how to approach this exact scenario – so many that I thought fosfomycin testing might be a good topic for this month’s AST blog.

Далее по ссылке.

От себя, коллеги, если можно обойтись без монурала, лучше без него. Ей богу, дикую кишечную палку бьет много антибиотиков, оставьте фосфомицин для тяжелых инфекции (как и ципрофлоксацин). Тем более, что и бактериологи не в восторге... 
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