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Кокрейн про сульфат магния

Magnesium sulphate for women at risk of preterm birth for neuroprotection of the fetus

Magnesium sulphate given to women at risk of preterm birth helps to protect the baby's brain and improve long‐term outcomes.

Babies born too early (preterm) have a higher risk of dying in the first weeks of life than babies born at term, and those who survive often have damage in the form of cerebral palsy (a disorder where the ability to move the arms or legs normally is reduced), blindness, deafness or physical disabilities. This can cause huge distress for parents. Magnesium is an important element essential for normal body functions. Magnesium sulphate may help to reduce damage to a preterm baby's brain. However, it has adverse effects in the mother of flushing, sweating, nausea, vomiting, headaches and a rapid heartbeat (palpitations). This review identified five studies involving 6145 infants and shows that magnesium sulphate therapy protects the preterm baby's brain from cerebral palsy.

По русски суть в том, что применение сульфата магния  помогает защитить мозг недоношенного ребенка и улучшить отдаленные результаты. Хотя это все равно мартышкин труд - доблестные следаки СК в английский не умеют. 
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